That Job Will Not Start Itself; The Time To Start Is Now!

So many of us dream about the business that we want.  The business where we are the CEO and we steer the direction of that business. But, dreaming about something and not taking action is merely, just a dream. We cannot sit and wait for that business to start itself. It is very easy to become one of those people that romanticise business ideas. It needs a living human being to bring it to life. So, what are we waiting for? Why have we not started? What is holding us back? Nothing. Nothing but ourselves. And if we do start, we’d see that there’s much to gain:


  1. Stop with the “what-ifs”

A lot of us are usually plagued with the “what-ifs” of starting a business. What if I fail? What if I lose all my money? What if I lose all respect? What if everyone laughs at me? The list goes on, but hey, being a boss women was never easy. By putting those questions to rest, you will finally find the answers you were looking for. You miss 100% of shots you don’t take.You will finally know what it feels like to start your business venture and go on the roller coaster of being an entrepreneur.

  1. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is the thief of time and is probably the reason asides fear, you’ve not started that business that has been brewing. If you don’t start now, someone else will think about same idea, start and do so well at it and you will have to deal with that.

  1. Believe in yourself and your abilities.

You need to give yourself some credit. Starting a business and keeping at it even when you feel like you’re losing all hope is difficult. All beginnings are hard, but the journey and that peak of success makes it worth it. Having that belief in yourself when nobody else did or nobody else understood shows great courage and strength. You knew your abilities and you never doubted yourself. You were brave enough to take the plunge and that is commendable.

  1. Celebrate your wins no matter how little

Having endured so much while starting up a business can make one feel antsy, anxious and a little bit scared. After all, we had an idea that nobody else had and we were willing to act on that idea. Starting out and continuing can be scary. Remembering how far you’ve come and celebrating your wins; how far you have come could be a sort of motivation to keep at it. Success is a series of small wins. It’s okay to fail. Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take towards reaching your goal.

  1. Always remember, you are your only competition

Remind yourself daily that you’re doing okay, running your own race. Nothing beats waking up every morning with a sense of feeling accomplished and content with your journey. Your ultimate goal should be to become your best self.


  1. It’s okay to fail

You’re allowed to trust your process and yourself. You’re allowed to take risks. You’re allowed to fail before you succeed. You’re allowed not to know what the heck you’re doing. You’re allowed to try. You’re allowed to start over again. You’re allowed to learn from your mistakes and do better next time.

Failure is a necessary part of our success journey.


Your DREAMS become DELUSIONS when you dont put in the hard/smart work required to make them become a REALITY. Lastly, remember you can do great things at any age. You are not too young to do it. You are not too old to do it. So do it!

There are 2 comments
  1. Ojo Temitope

    Thanks for this message. I’ve tried , I’ve failed in several business but I’m still trying. With some its not fear or procrastination, its the means to start again after failing.

  2. Janet

    Thanks for message it. I’m about to start my journey and I believe I will do exploit.

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