RECAP:  The Femfunds 2.0 Workshop 

”There is so much to say about femfunds’ workshop yesterday, but most of all I felt so encouraged  by people genuinely learning and sharing. Well done to all the speakers and all the best to all who attended” (Tweet by @LAkintobi)

The tweet above is an excerpt from all the testimonies received as we concluded our workshop themed “Knowledge, Food and Music”. Landmark event center at Adeniyi Jones, Victoria Island Lagos state was well packed with over 1000 women yearning for knowledge, good music and as expected, food.

Among the major highlights of the event was when the renowned Media Entrepreneur, and co-founder of SheLeadsAfrica, Afua Osei made a statement while speaking on “Building a digital tribe”. She said

 “If you are not doing one thing well, what business do you have doing five things poorly?”

The hall that housed over 1000 women fell silent. This was supposed to be a question but not all questions require answers especially if what is being asked was filled with truth. Truth is absolute remember? A twitter user reacted to the statement by saying

“This hit me hard”.

There is nothing better than having someone who has written a best seller on the subject of women and money management speak to you about building your brand and knowing your net worth. The book, “The Smart Money Woman” by Arese Ugwu is arguably one of the best books for anyone hoping build wealth but for people who attended the femfunds’ workshop, hearing her speak opened their minds to using brand partnership and social media influencing as a means to subsidize their lifestyles, something she didn’t talk about in her book.

Tosin Durotoye’s concern for the women in attendance was palpable as she passionately spoke about “How to effectively negotiate your salary, position and deals” We applauded her as she approached the podium to speak but we didn’t know what to expect. Was she going to talk about the proposed minimum wage? Was she going to tell us about the salary scale and the economic state of the country? Was she going to give a motivational speech on how to aspire to inspire so as not to expire? Nobody knew.

Everyone looked hungry and curious for knowledge and as she spoke. She was the first speaker for the day and the thoughts she shared remained with us all through the event and even after.

The MAVIN artist, Johnny Drille serenading the audience with his voice and ethereal smile  along with other artists was enough to give the audience the much needed balance that  is required in any impactful workshop; entertainment.

“Not everyone will say “YES” to you, sometimes they may not be a good fit, other times, they may not buy into your vision YET, never take “NO” personal”. These were the words of the founder of Career Queen, Chika Uwazie. Her focus was on “Storytelling and how to get people behind your vision” but the workshop took a different turn as Tosin Oladeinde spoke on “Landed Property as a safe investment vehicle” she dwelled more on the fact that real estate assets are always safe bets as they almost never depreciate.

In a world where everyone is trying to start up something new, Moe advices us “never to refer to our business as a small business but as a growing business” Perspective matters after all.

The speaking sessions ended with dynamic and beautiful Dr Chinny Ogunro. She was brilliant in her delivery and honest about making mistakes without allowing them be a form of restriction and most importantly, determining what you love to do and be willing to do it for a long time without getting paid.

The aim of the workshop was to empower and encourage women in business to hone their crafts, understand the importance of knowing their worth and demanding from a place of power and confidence to be rewarded for services rendered.

The goal was met and the testimonies from attendees is proof of this.

Below are pictures from the event capturing each moment as they went by. Do enjoy!


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