Interest free loans with no collateral
for women in business
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Who We Are

Although Nigeria has the highest number of female entrepreneurs in the world, funding for this demographic has largely been disproportionate. Asides social impediment Nigerian Women face, institutional lenders such as commercial banks are inaccessible to many MSMEs.

Femfunds is a social enterprise that provides interest free and collateral free loans to women-led micro, small and medium enterprises(MSMEs) in Nigeria.

We want to give women with small businesses everything they need to build profitable businesses which in turn creates a cycle of empowered women who go on to empower other women.

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What Do We Offer

After evaluating the current landscape, we have come up with some metrics that are important to Femfunds when providing loan facilities.Consequently, we provide financing to accelerate the following:

The bottom line for us is to create sustainable female-led businesses that can positively contribute to Nigeria’s economic development

We provide interest free loans to (with no collateral) and other resources (branding and advisory) to female run small businesses with the aim to make them profitable, structured and positioned for growth in a social media age.

Section 4

Our Mission

At Femfunds, we hold two main beliefs:

  1. MSMEs are the engine of the Nigerian economy, and
  2. Investing in female entrepreneurs will yield exponential returns for Nigeria’s economic development.

We therefore work to provide hassle-free financing to enable these businesses grow and expand.

We economically empower the African woman by providing the tools (capital, advisory, branding) they need build their business and become profitable, creating a cycle of empowered women who go on to empower other women on our platform and in their lives.

Our Strategy

We help female run small businesses by providing interest free loans with no collateral.

We offer mentoring, coaching and workshops on branding, marketing and other intellectual resource to help the businesses.

Section 5

How It Works

Evaluation Criteria
Here are some of the factors we consider in evaluating businesses.

  • Stage of Business
    We look for businesses that are already operational.
  • Sector
    Femfunds is sector agnostic, as such we invest in businesses across sectors.
  • Revenue
    While we are not focused on companies that make a particular amount of money in revenues, we are interested in businesses that are post-revenue, have a clear pathway to profitability and possess strong growth trajectory.
  • Product Market Fit
    We look for businesses that will work well in the Nigerian context.
  • Structure
    Our businesses are businesses that are properly structured and where this is not the case, if a business is selected, we will help the business become better structured.
  • Competitive Advantage
    The business should have a clear competitive advantage and a unique value proposition.

Loan Selection Process

  • First level selection by Femfunds team.
  • Pitch by the business.
  • Evaluation (based on criteria in 4.0 above).
  • Idea validation. Here we help to refine business model.
  • Disbursement. We do layered disbursements based on the achievement of certain milestones.
  • Post loan support. We follow up and use selected metrics to obtain bi-monthly reports from the businesses.

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